The “Caprino di Cavalese” is a goat cheese produced exclusively with milk of goats born and bred in the Val di Fiemme, one of the main and most famous valleys of the Dolomiti mountains in Trentino Alto-Adige region.

The production of this cheese is as old as goat farms in the Val di Fiemme area. Today,
this cheese is mostly produced in Cavalese, the main valley village.

The local cheese factory produced two kinds of the “Caprino of Cavalese”: the fresh and the seasoned. In any case this goat cheese has a delicate flavor, even after seasoning, which typically lasts for 90 days.

In the area of ​​production this cheese is typically served with honey, fruit jam or mustard of vegetables.
As well as other cheeses from the valley, it is quite tasty: make sure to limit the use of salt whenever you add cheese to your recipes.

Thanks to Mistofrigo