eggplant, 1 large
yellow pepper, 1
red onion, 1
piccadilly tomatoes, 4-5
capers, 1/5 cup
raisins, 1/5 cup
pine nuts, 1/5 cup
sliced green olives, 1/5 cup
red wine
sugar, 1 tbsp
extra virgin olive oil


Cut the eggplant into cubes, sprinkle with salt and leave in a colander to lose the bitter water. Slice the onion. Soak capers and raisins in water.
Rinse and gently squeeze the diced eggplant, fry in hot oil and remove them when they start to brown. Put the sliced onion in the pan with the oil of eggplant, blending with a little red wine. Cut the pepper into chunks, peel the tomatoes and cut into strips. Add them to the pan with the onion, then season with salt and sprinkle with a little water, covering the pan with a lid. Finish cooking, adding more water if it becomes dry. Add the rinsed capers. Add the olives, raisins and pine nuts. Add a tablespoon of sugar and stir, add the diced eggplant kept aside, sprinkle with vinegar and let it evaporate. Remove from heat, let cool for a few hours and garnish to taste with basil leaves. Caponata is tastier if kept refrigerated and eaten the next day.

Thanks to: Un Tavolo Per Quattro