– Extra Virgin olive oil Mammaregina, 6 tbsp
– Garlic, 2 chopped slices
– Parmigiano Reggiano grattugiato, 6-8 tbsp
– Water to be boiled, 100 fl.oz
– Bucatini n° 12, 14 oz.
– Chili peppers Mammaregina, 6 ñ 12 slices


Put the pasta in boiling salted water and in the meantime it is cooking, prepare a fry in a small frying pan by pouring a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, then add the chopped garlic into small equal pieces (Photo 1). A good medium heat then brown the garlic without letting it burn. A few seconds before turning off the heat, add the red pepper cut into slices. Do this not to burn the chili. The amount of chili is your choice and go depending on the degree of spiciness desired. Average recommend 8-10 slices of chili (Photo 2). We make the pasta half-cooked, then after 5 minutes, without throwing away the cooking water, put it on place in a large skillet over medium-high heat, adding a ladle of cooking water (photo 3). At this point, let make “risottare” the bucatini, adding the cooking water a bit at a time with a wooden spoon, making sure that the pasta behaves like a sponge, which absorbs slowly cooking water (ìrisottareî). Through this step, the pasta will release the starch, which after cooking will form a cream that will make the most succulent dish. Cook the pasta will last approximately 5-6 minutes. One minute before serving the pasta, leaving it slightly damp, add the prepared fry. Then turn off the heat, add the grated Parmesan cheese (Photo 4) and a drop of cooking water and pass it to make parmesan creamy. This operation is done to prevent the Parmesan releases water and then wires. After passing it well, you will see that the bucatini are wrapped in a cream that will make them tastier. Serve and garnish with other parmesan and parsley on top or just as it is.

Thanks to: Mamma Regina