For the oil bread:
pastry flour 00, 1+1/4 cup
extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp
brewer’s yeast, 1 tsp
sugar, 1 tbsp
water, 1/3 cup
salt, 1/2 tbsp
milk, 1/3 cup

For the cream of oil:
trout eggs, 3,5 oz
water, 1/5 cup
extra virgin olive oil, 2/3 cup

For the veggies:
carrot, 1
zucchini, 1
celery stalk, 1
red pepper, 1/2
yellow pepper, 1/2
radishes, 4
fennel, 1/2


– For the oil bread:
Pour all the ingredients in a mixer leaving for last the salt and oil which you pour over the top, then leave it to rise for one hour and place in a baking pan and let rise another hour and sprinkle salt and oil on top, then cook at 360 F for 30 minutes. After baking and cooling cut the bread in rectangles and scoop out the center making a bread bowl.
– For the cream of oil:
Blend the trout eggs with the water then heat without boiling, then strain through a fine colander and blend again with the oil creating a homogenous mixture.
– For the veggies:
Clean the veggies, peal the carrots and peppers. Cut all the veggies in 1 inch pieces and then slice longitudinally making little “matchsticks”, for the radishes slice into thin discs.

Assembly of the course:
Cut the bread into rectangles of 4x1x1 inch cutting out the middle making a little bread container then roast the bottom of the bread in a pan with oil, then fill it with cream of oil and above arrange all the veggie sticks and lastly the radishes which have been made transparent after leaving in ice water.

Thanks to: Cantine Ferrari Trento