55 minutes

sugar, a few less than 1 cup
pastry flour, 2+1/2 cup
the zest of half a lemon
butter, 4 tbsp
baking yeast, ½ tbsp
granulated sugar for decoration, 2 tbsp
a pinch of salt


Sift all the ingredients when still dry, do the classic fountain and put inside the butter (at room temperature) and lemon zest, open the eggs, mix them quickly and keep aside a couple of tablespoons of them. Add the eggs and the rest of the lemon zest, begin to mix the dough first with the spoon and then with your hands. Grease a baking dish with a little of butter and give the typical shape of an “S”. Take the beaten egg that you put aside, cover the top of the bensone and finally sprinkle some granulated sugar. For a final touch: with the tip of a sharp knife make a deep incision without completely cutting the cake. Bake at 356° for 40 minutes and taste with a good glass of red wine: Lambrusco would be ideal!

Thanks to: Chez Monik Blog