The history of the battuta of raw meat is lost in the past: it was born in Piemonte, simply seasoned with olive oil, salt and a little bit of pepper or lemon juice, and it is now known and appreciated throughout Italy and all over the world.
It has the particularity to enhance the Piemontese breed meat, lean but very tasty and with an extremely low rate of cholesterol.
The meat must be chopped by hand with a very sharp knife, so that does not lose the juices and does not tear as when it is chopped by machine, maintaining a certain consistency that makes it crispy in the mouth.
It may be accompanied by Parmesan shavings or fine truffles blacks or whites, or you can rub some garlic on the fork, as in a typical peasant custom: the important thing is that the seasonings are added just before eating , to prevent the salt and the lemon begin to “cook” the meat.

Thanks to Scented Little Pleasures