30 minutes

Artichokes preserved in oil, 12
Minced anchovies preserved in oil, 3.5oz
Mozzarella cheese, 17.5oz
Flour, 17.5oz
Cornstarch, 3.5oz
Seed oil, 33.8 fl.oz
Sparkling water, 17oz
Ice cubes, 5
Pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste


Drain the artichokes off from their preserving liquid and place them turned upside-down on absorbent towel for a few minutes. Cut mozzarella finely and add the anchovies, previously chopped and seasoned with pepper. Stuff the artichokes with the mixture and let stand. While waiting, make a batter quickly kneading flour, cornstarch, sparkling water and ice cubes. Put the batter in the fridge. Heat the
seed oil in a frying pan and fry the artichokes, previously battered. Place the artichokes on straw paper to drain excess oil, add salt and serve boiling hot.

Recipe by Giovanni Pace

Thanks to Menù