Chef Aurora Mazzucchelli will be at our 100per100 italian awards in Milan, to present her passion for the “Ravioli”.

Here, her story and her acknowledgement.

Aurora Mazzucchelli was born in Bologna in 1973 by a family that has always been dedicated to catering, her father was chef and her mother a “sfoglina”.

After attending the hotel management school in 1983 she joined the staff of parents restaurant. In 2000 together with his brother Massimo takes the reins of the restaurant Marconi and begin her path in the kitchen, merging creativity, curiosity, great personality, a constant attention to local products and traditions.

The years 2002-2006 are those of the experience in the kitchens of great chefs: Herbert Hintner, Gaetano Trovato, Paul Lopriore and Basque chef Martin Berasategui. She is also dedicated to the deepening of the pastry with the Master Pastry Chef Gino Fabbri.

In 2008 comes the first star in the Michelin Guide, and other many awards from major Italian food guides (L’Espresso, Gambero Rosso, Touring Club, Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe).
In 2012 is awarded by journalist Paul Marks as “Best Chef of Italy” of “Identità Golose” Food Italian Guide.

Her presence is required in the most important gastronomic events in foreign countries, to make known her cuisine and Italian excellence abroad: she travels in Canada, Peru, Switzerland, Spain and Poland. In Italy she cooked for the great symbols of Made in Italy, like the automaker Ferrari, the FuoriSalone del Mobile, the Four Seasons in Milan.
She is Ambassador of international solidarity project We Woman for Expo 2015.

“In private life and at work, I think fast but I think over slow. They are two different things. I like to feel that things in my life belong to me, I like to develop them, it’s a way to encourage myself, an automatic inner work necessary to understand me. The foods I cook … I need to feel them… that they have a story, and is a primary need, like breathing.
Wear the chef’s jacket was a natural choice, not the only option because my parents were chef. I wanted it, I burned with the desire to confront with what I lived. And “with this” has become “for that”. The Kitchen. Here is the basic, strong need: moving me for what I do, but also not be afraid to new, strong motivation, able to feed myself and then give nourishment to others.”