1 hour

Aubergines, 2
Flour, 7.1 oz
Cocoa powder, 2.1 oz
Cinnamon, 2.5 oz
Sugar, 4.2 oz
Extra virgin olive oil


Condensed milk, 2.3 oz
Caster sugar, 4.2 oz
Dark chocolate 70%,1.2 oz
Butter, 0.5 oz
Cocoa powder, 1.4 oz
Cornflour, 0.2 oz
Water, 7 fl. oz.
Liqueur, 2.5 fl.oz.


It should be prepared in layers, no real precise doses. Peel and slice eggplants and salt sprinkled them up, put them to drain for 15 minutes in a colander. Rinse, dry and fry in plenty of oil, lightly flour them. Brown just and, while still warm, pour up cocoa, cinnamon and granulated sugar in a mixture. Meanwhile that eggplants pick up taste, prepares a salsa with condensed milk, dark chocolate 70%, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, cornflour and water. When the sauce is still hot, add the liqueur. In Italy, at Amalfi or Sorrento, we using the “Concerto”an elixir invented by nuns and made with various herbs, coffee and barley. I used the marsala. Cool the sauce and to pass eggplant slices in the chocolate, to form the layers on a serving tray or in a baking dish. After, to your taste, to put up chopped hazelnuts, almonds, oranges candied diced or cherries. Serve in slices. I made a flower, with the bay leaves.

Thanks to Pepe Rosso in cucina