Aprutino Pescarese DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil originated in the province of Pescara in the Vestea area of the Tavo river valley, and along the other side of the Pescara river in the Casauria area. This area one of the first in Italy to receive the European Union DOP (PDO) designation (1996). All parts of the DOP Extravergin Olive Oil production processmust adhere to strict production standards and the following EU regulation: EC Reg. 1263 of 1996 and Reg. 510 of 2006.
The qualities of DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aprutino Pescarese encapsulates the singular features of the land it grows in and the unique skills of the olive growers. They apply the same care and tecniques in tending to their plants as their fathers and grandfathers before them.
There are three main olive oil varieties in the province of Pescara: Dritta, which grows in and around Vestea, Toccolana from the Casauria area and Leccino which grows throughout the province. In total there are some 1.8 million olive trees in the province producing on average 7000 tonnes of oil.
When Dritta is the prevalent variety, Aprutino Pescarese evo DOP has a yellow colour with green reflections,and shows a medium grassy fruitiness with hints of artichoke. When Leccino is the prevalent veriety, the oil has a yellow colour with green reflections, and a light, grassy fruitiness with hintsof green almond. Finally when Toccolana is the prevalent variety, the oil ha a yellow colour with green reflections and a medium, grassy fruitiness whith hints of green almond tomato. On the palate it is moderately spicy and bitter.

Thanks to Consorzio Aprutino Pescarese

Photo credits by Salotto della Torre