The Michetta is a typical dessert of a small town in the West of Liguria, Dolceacqua, and it looks like a sort of oven-baked brioche, decorated with a sprinkling of sugar and essence of lemon or vanilla to taste.

The legend says that it was invented by a baker as far back as the fourteenth Century to commemorate the death of his daughter Lucrezia, who, tired of being subject to the horrible law of Ius Primae Noctis, according to which all the brides had to spend their first night of marriage with the Marquis Doria, rebelled losing her life, but stopping once for all the tyranny of the Marquis. Since then the word “Michetta” is still used to define the virginity and the female womb.

This sweet, which can be found fresh every morning, and which also has a variation in the shape of a cross (la “Crocetta), is made with flour, eggs, yeast, sugar and oil, is then baked in the oven, moistened with a sponge and finally dipped in sugar.

Since 2008, moreover, the Michetta is protected by the Municipal Designation of Origin, to safeguard the productive and organoleptic characteristics of this ancient product, which is a legacy of economic and cultural value for Dolceacqua.

Every year on 16th August, there is also a celebration of the anniversary of the abolition of the Ius Primae Noctis, which is called “Festa della Michetta” and which consists of an itinerary to the wineries of the town in the company of this fine dessert, wine and music.