Rossese is a typical wine of the West Liguria, and more particularly of the Nervia and Roja Valleys, in the province of Imperia. It is believed that the introduction of this vine in Liguria has taken place by the Greeks, but there is also a version that supports the Etruscan thesis.During the Middle Ages Andrea Doria elected it as festive wine for its fleet and centuries later Napoleon also had the opportunity to taste it, sending many bottles to Paris.

Its cluster has a very thin skin, so it is a pretty delicate plant and not easy to grow. Rossese of Dolceacqua, in particular, looks like a wine of ruby red tending to pomegranate-colour with aging, with a relatively high alcohol content (12 ° and 13 ° for “Superiore”) and a full-bodied and intense aroma, slightly fruity and floral, with a bitter aftertaste.

Served at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees, it goes well with meat and fish, vegetables and mushrooms, and it is one of the few wines which goes well with artichokes.

The traditional dishes of Ligurian cuisine which usually can be paired with Rossese are the goat and beans, the Ligurian style rabbit, pheasants and thrushes.

Its characteristics, its long tradition and its denomination of origin (DOC) make Rossese wine one of the most popular and appreciated Ligurian wines.