Rocket salad, 3,3 OZ
Broccoli, 3,3 Oz
Small cauliflowers (white + green), 2
Small Romanesco broccoli, 2
Black kale, 5,4 Oz
Brussel sprouts, 3,3 Oz
Half red onion
2 Spring onion,
Half spoon of salt
Milk, 1,8 Oz
Water, 34 Oz


Cut in very small pieces all the vegetables and put them in the boiling water with half spoon of salt for 40 minutes. When it’s ready use a hand blender to obtain a liquid soup. Fry some sliced fresh red chili pepper with some purple cauliflower and rocket salad until it’s crunchy. Dry the oil in excess with some paper.
Put the rocket salad and the milk in a small mixer until you obtain a soft foam, using a spoon pour some of this “rocket salad mousse” on the soup and decorate with the fried crunchy rocket salad and chili pepper.
Enjoy your meal!

Thanks to: Food 4 The Eyes