12 000 pizza-makers met and challenged, more than 25 000 pizzas baked since 1992, birth year of the first Pizza World Championship.

One generation grew up with water, flour, tomato and mozzarella, being witness of the evolution of one of the most appreciated Italian dish.
The Pizza World Championship gone through 25 years of our recent history, interpreting radical changes and small revolutions that have influenced our lifestyle, including pizza and pizza makers.

Over the years, the professionalism of the pizza makers has grown enormously and the pizza has become, finally, and deservedly, synonymous with research and haute cuisine, also declined in alternative gluten free, vegetarian and vegan pizzas.

More and more the female approaches to this profession, with a slow but steady growth: 1991-2016 the women pizza-makers have more than doubled and now account for 12% of the class.
Even if the love for this main dish remains unchanged, the way to perceive it is changing firstly thanks to the worldwide web and then to the cooking TV shows and series. This programs brought people to foster more and more interest on flours, dough, mozzarella and tomato.

This development is also the result of the great movement of information and international events like the Pizza World Championship, which brought the culture of real Italian pizza also outside the national borders.
The timing of pizza with mayonnaise and ketchup fortunately seem to be winding down: today even in London, Berlin, New York and Tokyo you can find a real Neapolitan pizza, cooked in a wood oven and artfully prepared according to tradition, perhaps by a non Italian pizza-maker.
The Pizza World Championship 2016 involves nearly 35 countries (Italy, USA, France, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Germany, UK, Russia, Poland, to name a few), with more than 650 competitors and almost 7000 visitors.

The year 2016 celebrates the 25th year of the event and will be filled with many new features: 4 themed areas dedicated to specific recipes of pizza and pasta dishes, 11 specialties including cooking and skills competitions, and above all, a great opportunity to see gathered more than 650 pizza chefs in action and the best pizzas in the world in a single event.

For more information: Pizza World Championship

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