Dear friends, here we are again to proudly announce that our 100per100 Italian Night in New York was an extraordinary success.

Thanks to all our guests and all the professionals that contributed with their presence in making the event unforgettable.

A special mention to Chef Odette Fada, Roberto Caporuscio, Michele Iuliano,Luca Manfè, Chef Enzo Neri, Chef Massimo Carbone and Chef Raffaele Solinas of Associazione Italiana Chef NY: their contribution was essential in making our guests’ dream of living a 100per100Italian experience come true. Thank you so much!

Also, we want to thank Piccolo Cafè, that provided the catering service, preparing delicious 100per100 Italian tastings under the guide of the executive Chef Michele Casadei Massari, Gianluca Capozzi (Head Chef), Alberto Ghezzi (General Manager) and Zarifa Maria Garofalo (Event Planner).

Last but not least thanks to our precious partners Parmareggio, Cantine Ferrari, Aceto Due Vittorie, Bauli USA and Auricchio, that supported us with their excellent products, and thanks to the contribution of Ferrarelle, Goldplast, Smeg and Molino Vigevano.

All interviews taken on the event will soon be available on our web channels, don’t miss this unique opportunity to find out the people who contributed with us in spreading Italian food culture all over the world.

And next step…Cologne!