Reggio Emilia, 15 dicembre 2014The Oscar of made in Italy taste goes to Parmigiano Reggiano.
To crown the King of Cheese was the international community of I Love Italian Food, with more than 700.000 foodies called to elect the icons of the Italian cuisine among a list of typical products and emblematic recipes.
The online vote occurred during November: Parmigiano Reggiano reached the 20% of all preferences.
On the podium, in order, pasta and Prosciutto di Parma. Then, equally in great positions, extra virgin olive oil and pizza.

Browsing the classification, also many surprises. For example, two of the most iconic symbols of the Italian food as cappuccino and tomato sauce are out from the top 10 of the most voted products.
To promote the vote was I Love Italian Food: a no-profit association born in 2013 to defend and promote the culture of Italian high-quality food. An ambitious purpose, that has the support of an international network that counts more than 700.000 foodies and over 5.000 professionals of the field as food blogger, chef, restaurateurs, buyers and cooking schools.

I Love Italian Food is now getting ready to celebrate the icons of the Italian cuisine elected by the foodies. The twelve most voted products will indeed become protagonists of the project “2015: a 100per100 Italian Year”. To value them there will be twelve food masters of Italian cuisine, among which the chefs Heinz Beck, Cristina Bowerman, Moreno Cedroni and Antonella Ricci. I Love Italian Food will ask each chef to interpret one product by a recipe: from this will take form the visual of a no-profit communication campaign, that will promote the wine-and-food Italian excellences in the world.

« This contest made us understand which are, abroad, the real ambassadors of made in Italy taste. And also which are the treasures of our cuisine that we have to promote, because they still have difficulties in reaching the heart of stranger foodies – comments Alessandro Schiatti, founder of I Love Italian Food -. We believe that food is the real oil of Italy, an important agent for our economy. This motivates us every day to promote and defend the culture and the values of the food-and-wine Italian system».

The campaign 2015: a 100per100 Italian Year will also go along with the launch of the project of I Love Italian Food 100per100 Italian, born to tell foreigners the Italian products, the traditional recipes and the companies that today work hard to have a 100% Italian production chain. The project will be officially launched on January 2015.

Here the Top Twelve:

1) Parmigiano Reggiano
2) Pasta
3) Prosciutto di Parma
4) Pizza
5) Olio Extra Vergine d’oliva
6) Tiramisù
7) Gelato
8) Espresso
9) Mozzarella
10) Aceto Balsamico di Modena
11) Ravioli
12) Risotto