There are only a few days to go before 100per100 Italian Academy that it will be held the 23rd of February at the Nassima Royal Hotel.
We know together our prestigious guest, the chef that will lead the public to discover the real Italian fresh pasta: Francesco Guarracino.
He comes from a family of chefs, Francesco started working in professional kitchens from the age of 11.
Originally from Sorrento, Chef Francesco has worked at some of Italy’s most prestigious restaurants including Michelin starred. This is where he learned discipline and the attitude necessary for success.
He was privileged to work alongside the best chefs in Italy, his diligent attitude and acquired talent led him to excel in culinary competitions. He has held senior leadership positions as Executive Chef, in Italy ,Spain, England and now in Dubai .
After graduating he travelled around Italy to gain experience in the different regional cuisines of his home country. His travels took him to Rome, Florence, Sicily and Milan where he developed his passion for seasonal and quality produce which are of paramount importance, and this shines through in all of Chef Francesco’s creations.
In 2007 he won the Best Young Chef Award from the renowned Federazione Italiana Cuochi (Italian Chef Federation), This same year, he moved to the UK to join the Italian restaurant group Piccolino, which has 22 restaurants around the country, after two years with the brand he joined another UK based Italian restaurant concept, the San Carlo Group, where he was Development Chef and later Group Regional Executive Chef for the whole portfolio of venues.
In Dubai he worked as Executive Chef at BiCE Mare, Chef Francesco brought his true Italian flair for fine dining, injecting a sense of culinary theatrics and he has developed a range of new specialty dishes from around Italy with table side cooking to give diners an unforgettable and exceptional experience.
Bice Mare it’s been awarded since 2011, when chef Francesco took over, as best Sea food restaurant in Dubai.
Today chef Francesco is working on the opening of the new Roberto’s restaurant in Abu Dhabi where he will be the Executive Chef.
The entire project is realized with the precious support of Divine Creazioni by Surgital and with the cooperation of our Ambassador Alice Scuratti.