– Puntarelle of catalogna, 8, 3 Oz

Spoonfuls of extra vergin olive oil, 3

– A spoonful of white wine vinegar

– Fillets of anchovies in oil, 2

– A clove of garlic

– Salt to taste

– Ground black pepper to taste


This fresh and tasty dish is typical vegetables of the Italian region of Lazio.
It’s easy to cook and it doesn’t need cooking.

Wash the tuft of puntarelle and use only the buts and throwing away the more hard and external leaves.

Cut the puntarelle into small strips and put them in a pot with a little bit of fresh water and lot of ice.

Leave them there for at least an hour.

Pour oil, vinegar, anchovies, garlic (cut into pieces), salt and pepper into a mixer (or a mortar).

Grind until you reach a dense and uniform sauce. Dress the puntarelle with the sauce and serve them soon!

Thanks to: Aromi Fragolosi