flour, 5 cups
potatoes, 21 oz
pecorino cheese, 10,6 oz
garlic, 2 cloves
onion, 1
extra virgin olive oil


Mix the flour with a little warm water, add as much water as necessary to make a smooth, elastic dough.
Add a little salt and knead thoroughly, roll the dough into a ball, then cover it with a clean kitchen cloth and leave it to rest.
In the meantime, peel, wash and boil the potatoes mash them with a potato masher and mix them in a bowl with the grated cheese.
Next peel the onion and the cloves of garlic, finely chop them together and then place in a fryng pan and sautè for a few minutes, next add this fried mixture to the potatoes and cheese stirring thoroughly. Use this mixture to make lots of little balls.
Take the dough that has been resting and roll it out thinly on the work surface, place the balls of potato and cheese on top of one sheet of pastry, arranging cover them with another sheet of pastry and press down firmly to create lots of little pasta mounds, divide them up with the help of a pastry wheel and seal the edges carefully.
Finally cook them in plenty of boiling, salted water then drain them and dress them with fresh tomato sauce.

Thanks to: Ricette di Sardegna