1 hour and 10 minutes

icing sugar, 1 cup
granulated sugar, 8 tbsp
egg whites, 3
wheat starch, 1 tsp
a few drops of lemon juice


Whip the egg whites, the sugar, a few drops of lemon juice with an electric mixer, as long as it is composed of a very hard, smooth and shiny.
At this point in the hand, with a movement from the bottom to the top mix the powdered sugar and wheat starch, a little at a time, sift them with a close-meshed strainer.
Cover with parchment paper a baking sheet and with the help of a bag a few do many small meringues.
Finally put in a hot oven ventilated at 180° F for about an hour, after which, leave the meringues in the oven turned off for the whole night.

Thanks to: Cooking With Julia