For the pasta:
kamut pasta, 13 oz
butter, 3 tbsp
broth, 1 cup
Trentingrana cheese, 1,4 oz

For the sauce:
For the sauce:
Ferrari Perlé, 3 cups
cream, 3 cups
Trentingrana cheese, 2,6 oz
butter, 2 tbsp
shallot, 1
a pinch of pepper

For the tuna fish:
For the tuna fish:
Italian tuna fish fillets, 10, 6 oz
extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup
lemon, ½


– For the pasta:
Cook the pasta for 8 minutes in an excess of salted water then drain and pour into a pan, finish cooking in the broth and cook until creamy with the tuna fish oil and Trentingrana cheese.
– For the sauce:
Slice the shallot and place in a saucepan with the Ferrari Perlé then reduce it over low heat. Add the cream and let it reduce until it reaches a creamy consistency, pour into a blender and blend adding Trentingrana cheese and butter, set aside in a bain marie.
– For the tuna fish:
Season the tuna fish with salt and pepper, slice the half lemon and put everything in a casserole with the olive oil, cook it at 140° Ffor 20 minutes.
Remove from heat, cool it quickly and let it sit at least one day in its cooking liquid, the result will be similar to a tuna fish in oil.
Remove the tuna fish from the liquid and separate it in leaves and then place it on the pasta.

Assembly of the course:
Pour the sauce in the bottom of the dish, place the creamy pasta on top and sprinkle with a little coffee. Finally, lay the tuna fish, complete with marjoram leaves and some grated lemon zest, on the top.

Thanks to: Cantine Ferrari Trento