For the sauce:
leeks, 0,7 oz
butter, 1 knob
asparagus, 10,6 oz
potato, 1 oz
vegetable stock
extravergin olive oil

For the gnocchetti:
grated provolone Valpadana cheese, 10,6 oz
boiled potato, 10,6 oz
flour, 2 cups
1 egg


For the gnocchetti:
work well all the ingredients. Form the gnocchetti working them one by one with the palm of your hand so that you will give them a lengthened shape.
For the sauce:
break the asparagus, snap off the hard part and leave it apart and add the salt the heads with a knob of butter.Meanwhile in a pan heat the extra virgin olive oil to brown the leeks, cut into slices, the potato cutinto small cubes and the central part of the asparagus. Season with salt and then leave them to cook with a glass of vegetable stock. At the end of the cooking, purée the whole. Finally cook the gnocchetti and serve them with the sauce and the heads of asparagus.

Thanks to: Consorzio Tutela Provolone Valpadania