Duck, 2 thighs or one breast
Orange, 1
White wine, ½ glass
Sugar or honey, 1 tbsp
Orange liquor, 1 shot
Salt, a pinch


This recipe is easy and different from the usual meat dishes. If you choose to use a duck breast, it may be easier to serve it as a sliced beef (tagliata beef).

1. First, a little olive oil in a large pan.
2. Fry the meat for a few minutes and brown the both sides.
3. Add the white wine and let it evaporate for a few minutes.
4. I do suggest cooking the meat placing the skin side down. In this way the skin will be crisper and more golden.
5. Salt and cover the pan with the lid.
6. Let it cook at least for one hour.
7. Meanwhile prepare the orange sauce.
8. Pour the sugar (or honey) and a bit of water into a little pot. Use a spoon to break up the sugar lumps.
9. Once the sugar is melted, add little by little the orange juice.
10. As you added all the orange juice, add also the orange liquor and mix it.
11. Add the sauce to the duck meat pan.
12. To flavour even more the duck meat, add the orange peel to the pan.
13. Keep cooking the duck covering with the lid until the meat will be golden and brown.
14. If the sauce will start to dry too much, add more water.
15. You can serve it with mashed potatoes or oven potatoes.

Thanks to: Il Cibo Delle Coccole