During the 100per100 italian awards, Chef Andrea Aprea will tell us the Mozzarella di Bufala.

Now we will know our ambassador.

“My contemporary cuisine looks towards the future but never forgets its origins. With tradition as a starting point, it re-elaborates and devises something new and unique. My inspiration stems from curiosity, everything is a source of inspiration: a painting, a piece of furniture, a place, an aroma, a person.” Andrea Aprea.

Born in Naples, 37-year-old Aprea Aprea is the Executive Chef at Restaurant VUN of Park Hyatt Milano, with experience of working in Italy and abroad.

Park Hyatt Milan’s Restaurant has been recently recognized by the Michelin Guide.

“Restaurant VUN is the domain of a young Neapolitan chef in whose cuisine you find echoes of dishes and products from Naples, but above all a phenomenal journey through the best products in the peninsula.” Michelin Guide

His cuisine expresses itself through three simple fundamentals: technique, innovation and respect for Italian culinary tradition. Starting with a careful selection of raw materials, the Neapolitan chef makes the experimentation and continuous search for charm with a creative journey that takes advantage of experience gained working at some of the most important restaurants in Europe.

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