“Il Made in Italy siamo Noi” is a project of I Love Italian Food in support of our enogastronomic sector and professionals who have always been at the forefront to bring authentic Italian food all over the world.

It is precisely to these professionals that it is essential to give voice in such a dramatic and uncertain moment for Italians and for our economy.

Thursday 19 March at 4.00 pm “Il Made in Italy siamo noi” will be aired. The marathon which will feature some of the most important ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world, who will share their point of view on what is happening in our Country and not only.

The program will be realized by I Love Italian Food, whose mission is the protection of authentic Made in Italy in the world, in collaboration with Radio Radio, an important Roman talk radio that has over one and a half million listeners and from more than forty years deals with entertainment and culture and the brand new project Italian Food #moltobuono, by Simone Barazzotto, creator of Nazionale Basket Artisti.

From New York to Tokyo, passing through Australia and China, we will consult chefs, entrepreneurs, distributors and journalists who will give us their testimony, helping us to clarify the trend and the future of Made in Italy after the unexpected arrival of the Coronavirus .

Among the live guests, Lidia Bastianich, Luca Fantin, Salvatore Cuomo, Umberto Bombana, Michele Casadei Massari, Filippo Polidori, Salvo Sardo and Giorgio Locatelli, Nicola Bertinelli, Cesare Casella and Gianfranco Sorrentino, Jimmy Ghione, Bruno Vanzan, Roberto Valbuzzi and Simone Barazzotto with Elisa D’Ospina.

The live stream will be followed by a marathon of video messages from over 30 ambassadors of Italian cuisine from all corners of the world: Dubai, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Paris, Tokyo, Doha, London, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires.

It is a challenge that we have not chosen but for which we will take the field all together, facing it and winning it together as we only know how to do; with the certainty that it will make us even more proud of being Italian, because “Il Made in Italy siamo noi”.

From 16:00 “Il Made in Italy siamo noi” live on the Facebook page of I Love Italian Food: https://www.facebook.com/iloveitalianfood.org/, on Radio Radio, on Sky channel 826, and streaming TV https://www.radioradio.it/diretta-tv/

From 18:00 “Il Made in Italy siamo noi” marathon video on the Facebook page of I Love Italian Food.



Herebelow the video of the marathon and the clips of contribution.