On Monday, 24th of September, at the spectacular location of Ruote da Sogno, in Reggio Emilia, they were held the first 100per100 Italian Talks  which focused on the theme of Italian food as a unique and irreplaceable resource of our country: “the oil of Italy “.

I Love Italian Food managed to bring in front of an audience of F&B professionals the unique visions of 5 representatives of this industry introduced by the founder of Dissapore, Massimo Bernardi, special host of the evening.

Sara Roversi highlighted how it is essential to think about the future of food and innovation as a collective effort. The message from the Future Food Institute is to collaborate, cooperate and contaminate each others in order to find real solutions. In her last world mission, Sara met 160 representatives among farmers, entrepreneurs, experts, activists and researchers; 160 innovators who, according to the Future Food Institute, are the key to work positively on the future of food.

Maria Letizia Gardone, who replaced the President of Coldiretti Roberto Moncalvo, reminded us that our agricultural heritage is the basis of the wealth of our products. Agriculture has made us a leader in Europe in terms of the number of organic companies and the safety and healthiness of products. Farmers and industry must unite to fight the common enemy: the Italian sounding phenomenon. The first step in this direction is Filiera Italia, which sees Coldiretti and the processing companies on the same front.

Thomas Rosolia, CEO of Koelnmesse Italia, was the spokesperson of fairs, an indispensable tool for export. In the digital world, fairs remain the meeting point and real confrontation with the foreign market, customers or potential customers. Also in this context it is indispensable to defend Made in Italy by informing foreign populations through activities that educate and explain true Italian products.

Nicola Levoni, president of ASSICA, brought us an other perspective: the need for Italian producers and companies to combine food culture with humanistic culture. We must start from the tourist approaching the product in Italy and attract him also outside the classic routes, to bring him towards less known Italian realities that are rich of other unique products. By making this, these explorers and adventurers of food will want to relive that memory, that product, in their country.

Ciro Cristiano, head chef of Big Mamma, spoke about Italian restaurants abroad. According to him, the secret of success is to bring true quality products and to propose them in the simplest and best preparations at a competitive price. Ciro made us understand that the key to success sometimes lies on the simplicity of ideas and their realization. The restaurants of Big Mamma and La Felicità, the largest Italian food hub in the world, are a prime example of this.

Following the speakers’ unique interventions, a presentation of the 2019 projects of I Love Italian Food was made by its co-founder Alessandro Schiatti. Love, passion and the need to bring Italian enogastronomic culture to the world are the real engine of the 100per100 Italian projects presented during the evening.

To conclude, guests and speakers gathered to watch the performances and taste the dishes of five true Made in Italy food authorities: Daniele Reponi, king of gourmet sandwiches; Ciccio Vitiello, rising star of pizza; fresh pasta from Emilia prepared by sfogline, BBQ4All’s grill master Emanuele Bardini with his team and, to conclude sweetly, Paolo Brunelli, the ice cream maker from Senigallia, winner of the Dissapore 2018 ranking.

The evening was organised with the support of Koelnmesse, in partnership with NetaddictionDissaporeiFoodBBQ4All and with the contribution of 32 Via dei BirraiVenturini BaldiniBottega Gastronomica and Zorzi.