In the coolest neighborhood of New York, SoHo, last Sunday June 23rd, the NewYorker step of 100per100 Italian Academy has took place, a project designed by I Love Italian Food, that aims to promoting the authentic Italian food.

Made in Italy food is available in the Big Apple since many time ago that has become a real tradition, taking with itself as such, adaptations that often changed the original products and recipes.

This is  why the aim of 100per100 Italian Academy is to discover and rediscover all the secrets of the authentic Italian products, sharing them with the chefs and the restaurateurs, those who use them every day and have the hard task to share them with the newyorkers.

An afternoon dedicated to the Italian excellences, where food and design, both made in Italy, were combined together, in the glamour setting of Scavolini Soho Gallery, the New York showroom of the 100% Italian company that proudly represents the Italian style worldwide.

So the kitchens by Scavolini were the setting of five exclusive performances to share Italian products. Close attention to the theme of the original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, in partnership with the Consortium. An iconic product from the Food Valley that has been declined in several dishes and matching, while the guests where drinking a cool Cherry soda made with Balsamic Vinegar, to face an hot June.

For the opening, Chef Silvia Barban, executive chef of LaRina Pastificio e Vino, in Brooklyn, prepared her workhorse: handmade pasta, made at the moment. The it was the turn of L’Arte del Gelato that prepares gelato according to the authentic Italian tradition and that proposes Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI matched with two classic flavors: strawberry and fiordilatte. Then the guests were delighted by the taste of the original dish made by the young Chef Massimiliano Eandi, fusilli with squacquerone cheese and Balsamic vinegar. A special area has been also dedicated to the unit experience of the sensorial tasting, to discover all the secrets about Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.

Later the performances were focused on the tales about one of the most symbolic cheeses in the North of Italy, stracchino, in partnership with our partner Nonno Nanni and with the cooking show by Chef Raffaele Solinas, executive Chef of Maiella restaurant and Vice President of Associazione Italian Chef New York. Finally, Rosanna Di Michele, Chef from Abruzzo and born into a family of pizza maker, amazed the guests with her inspiration and creativity proposing a million toppings for 100% Italian pizzas by our partner Valpizza.

100per100 Italian Academy has been a successful afternoon, not only thanks to the collaborazione of the partners of I Love Italian Food – Scavolini, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI – The Original, Nonno Nanni, Valpizza, Sogno Toscano – but also thanks to the participation of friends and professionals, among many members of the Associazione Italiana Chef New York.

Non only the Vice President Raffaele Solinas and the already mentioned chefs, but also Chefs and Pizza Master like Cesare Casella, Fabrizio Facchini, Gennaro Pecchia, Odette Fada, Roberto Caporuscio and many others.