fresh borlotti beans, 4 handfuls
alpine sow-thistle, a few sprigs
extra virgin olive oil, 3 tbsp
garlic, 2 cloves
celery, 2 stalks
sliced day-old rustic bread
chilli powder (optional)
carrot, 1 large
onion, 1
rosemary, 2 sprigs
sage, a few leaves
black cabbage, 1
white cabbage, 1/ 4 of a small one
pumpkin, 1/4 of a small one
borage leaves, a handful
Swiss chard leaves, a handful


Mince a clove of garlic along with rosemary and sage. Thickly slice the carrot, celery and onion. Pour two tablespoons of oil in a large pan the add the prepared vegetables and stir-fry over medium-high heat till the veggies have softened. Slice all the other vegetables in thin strips and add them to the pan, finally add the beans, pour boiling water in the pan until the vegetables are just submerged and cook for two hours, stirring from time to time. After this time the beans should be tender and the vegetables well cooked. Now season with salt and freshly milled pepper.
To serve first toast some bread slices then rub them with the remaining garlic clove, drizzle with the oil then set a couple of bread slices on a plate and pour over the soup. Sprinkle with a pinch of chilli powder and serve.

Thanks to: Il Deborino