2 hours

Plums in syrup, 10,6 oz.
Salt with herbs
Capon to be gutted and boned 63,5
800 gr mixed ground meat, 29,2 oz.
Eggs, 3
Chopped fresh garlic
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano, 3,5 oz.
Bread crumbs, 1 oz.
Fresh rosemary
Kitchen twine


Pit the plums and cut them into thin strips. Clean out, bone and rinse the capon. Season the cavity with the salt with herbs and chopped garlic. Knead the ground meat with all the ingredients and the plums. Stuff the capon with the ground meat mixture and truss it closed with kitchen twine, seasoning it with rosemary sprigs. Roast in a 180° C oven for roughly an hour and a half in a pan full of thickly cut fresh vegetables and herbs. During roasting, the capon must be frequently basted with meat broth. Halfway through cooking, turn it upside-down, being careful not to break the skin. You can add some bacon and whole chestnuts to the cooking juices to obtain delicious gravy that is the perfect accompaniment to contrast the capon’s slightly sweet stuffing.

Thanks to Menù