1 hour and 15 minutes

whole milk, 6,7 fl oz
cream, 16,9 fl oz
pistachio paste, 1,7 oz
sugar, 1,7 oz
egg yolks, 4
egg whites, 4
pistachio, 3,5 oz
caramel topping, to decorate


Mince sugar and pistachios until powder forms. In a saucepan heat milk and add the pistachio paste and the pistachio sugar. Mix well and let it cool in fridge for some hours.
Whisk egg yolks with the remaining sugar and add the cold milk, then add cream and the whipped egg whites.
Pour the mix into the Gelato maker – previously cooled in the freezer – and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions (about 40-45 minutes).
Pour the semifreddo in little forms and fridge for at least 4-5 hours. Serve with caramel topping and whole pistachios.

Thanks to Dolcemente Inventando ovvero i pasticci di Ale.