1 hour and 45 minutes

fresh Italian sausages, 1 pound
large pieces of garlic, 4 to 5
mozzarella ball, 12 (I used smoked mozzarella, however you can use what mozzarella you have on hand) 

broccoli florets, 2 cups cut in tiny pieces (fresh or frozen) 

all purpose flour, 1 13 pound (…If in Italy, use 500g farina rimacinata and 200 grams of farina 00) 

dry yeast ,1 pkg
Olive oil 

A pasta machine 


Place the flour, along with a bit of salt, in a mixing bowl and set aside. In a small cup, dissolve the yeast in lukewarm water and let sit for 15 minutes (…do not skip this step) as it needs to get nice and frothy. Next, cover the bowl with cling film or saran wrap, place a heavy plate on top, and cover the entire bowl in a clean garbage bag. Let rise for about 1 hour.  
In the meantime, smash the garlic in a skillet and squeeze out the sausage from the casing onto the skillet. Discard the casing. Add a bit of olive oil on top and cook the meat until almost done. Then add the broccoli and cook, covered, until the broccoli is tender. Note: If using fresh broccoli, add 14 cup of water to the pan to prevent the meat from drying. Turn off the flame and set aside. 
Now, prepare the dough: Run an orange-sized piece of dough through the pasta machine set at number “1″ three to four times. Then switch to number “4″ and run the dough through another 2 times. Trim the ends of the dough and generously fill the center with the broccoli and sausage mix. Add pieces of cheese and loosely pinch the center closed. Then starting at one end, wind up the dough to form a spiral.  
Brush the tops with olive oil and bake at 200°C or 425°F until nice and golden. Delicious! We had some extra dough, so we filled them up with cheese, oregano and tomatoes. Buon Appetito! 

Grazie a: An American Sicily