35 minutes

pastry flour 00, 8,82 oz
eggs, 4
milk, 2 7⁄64 cup
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
salt, to taste
ricotta cheese, 8,82 oz
shelled walnuts, 2,65 oz
honey, to taste


In a bowl beat the eggs with the flour, then add the salt.
Heat the plate at maximum temperature and pour a little of dough on a flat part of the plate, creating circles. After a few minutes turn the mixture with a spatula.
In a bowl pour the ricotta and mix it with walnuts.
In the central part of each crepe pour with the help of a teaspoon a knob of dough.
Then add with the help of a honey dipper or a teaspoon a drizzle of honey.
Close the crepe before taking two extremes and closing them with a toothpick, then taking the opposite extremes and spend the second toothpick in order to take all the flaps.
Before serving, place them in the oven for a few minutes, so as to serve hot.

Thanks to Caramel Candy.