carnaroli rice, 10 oz
light chicken broth, 8 cups
butter, 4 tbsp
Trentingrana cheese aged 24 months, 3,5 oz
balsa-mela (balsamic vinegar obtained from apple juice)
scallion, 1
white wine, ½ cup


Finely chop the scallion and heat with a pat of butter, add rice and begin to sauté with care for at least three minutes then add the wine, let evaporate and continue adding the broth for about 15 min (cooking time depends a lot on the quality of the rice) when thoroughly cooked turn off the heat and cover and let sit two minutes then cream with a bit of butter and Trentingrana cheese mixing energetically.
In another container pour a small amount of the balsamic apple vinegar and use a paintbrush to paint the edges of a bowl. Put the rice in the bowl and top with a wafer of Trentingrana cheese.

To make the wafer of trentingrana cheese:
Place wax paper on a plate and cover well with grated Trentingrana cheese then place in the microwave for two minutes. Take out and then let cool down.

Thanks to: Cantine Ferrari