carnaroli Riserva rice, 10 oz
light chicken broth, 1 cup
goat blue cheese, 2,8 oz
butter, 4 tbsp
shallot, 1

For the selz of Perlé Rosé:
Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2006, 3 cups
iota gelatin (extract from a red algae), 0,15 oz
1 bottle of selzer


Proceed as for a normal risotto cooking the shallots in a knob of butter, then add the rice and let it toast for a few minutes, pour the broth directly over the rice and continue to cook for 13 minutes. Remove from heat, let the risotto sit for 2 minutes covered with a cloth and then add the butter and the goat blue cheese mixing until it is creamy.
How to make the Perlé Rosé selz:
Whisk the Ferrari Perlé Rosé with gelatin and bring almost to boil, then pour it into a selzer bottle, close and load with a charge of soda, let it cool and use directly on the rice before serving.

For the assembly of the course pour the rice in soup plates and pour on top of it the Ferrari Perlé Rosé selzer dressing.
Advise the client to stir the rice before eating it.

Thanks to: Cantine Ferrari