for gnocchi:
Potatoes with peel, 17 Oz
Egg white, 1
Grated parmigiano cheese, 1
Durum wheat flour, 6 Oz
Salt, pepper nutmeg as per your taste

for sauce:
Tomato juice, 25 Oz
Pork sausages, 2
Half carrot
Half onion
Half celery
Olive oil
Sugar, 1 Teaspoon
Grated parmigiano cheese


Stew potatoes with peel. In the meantime peel sausages and cut them in to cubes (or possibly form meatballs with your hand palm). Pan fry sausages without oil, when their colour will turn uniform add tomato juices, spices, oil, salt and sugar. Let everything cook until the sauce is ready (dense and oil is on the surface). Squeeze potatoes and add spices and parmesan cheese. Add the egg and knead. Form cilindrical loafs with dough and then cut the gnocchi out of the loafs. Put the gnocchi into boiling water and wait until they come back to the surface and the water starts boiling again. Drain it and ddd sausage tomato sauce and parmesan and serve hot.

Thanks to: Pane, Burro e Alici