50 minutes

all-purpose flour, 18 oz
water, 10,5 oz
sugar, 0,9 oz
salt, 0,25 oz
extra virgin olive oil, 1,7 oz
brewer’s yeast, 0,45 oz
scarola, 9 oz
capers, to taste
black olives, to taste
raisins, 2 tablespoon
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
garlic, 1 colves


For the dough: dissolve the yeast with part of the lukewarm water and the sugar and wait until will create a lightly lather. Set a pile of flour with a hole in the middle. Add the liquid and oil and knead for 10 minutes. Make a ball of dough and let it rise in a bowl in tepid place until it will double.
Clean and wash the scarola and boil in salt water. Drain it and squeeze out and stir-fry in a pan with oil, garlic, capers and black olives. At the end add the raisins with a pinch of salt and pepper.
When the dough is ready set the oven to 390°F. Halve the dough and create two circle layer like a pizza. Put the stuffed of scarola into the two layers and close very well the edges. Grease outside with oil and bake for 40 minutes until it will be gilt.

Thanks to Angolo Zuccherino.