Do you want to test yourself with a Sardinian recipe?

400 gr of Malloreddus pasta
200 gr of Pecorino Cheese
150 gr of Dolce Sardo
Freshly ground black pepper

To prepare Malloreddus, bring to boil the salted water and put the pasta in. While Malloreddus are cooking, cut the cheese into small cubes, place them into a small pan adding half glass of the pasta cooking water to melt them into a cream.

Once the Malloreddus are cooked, drain them “al dente” and toss with the cream cheese. Mix well and serve the Malloreddus still hot, sprinkling with freshly grounded black pepper.

To decorate the dish, you can use some slices of Carasau bread, a sprig of myrtle and some reduced myrtle liqueur. Buon Appetito!