From October 20th to October 23rd MortadellaBò is back, the autumn date with the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna. The context of Piazza Maggiore to attest the link with the city that is consolidated and opened to national gastronomical experiences and traditions.

Among the distinctive points of this 2016 edition there is the willingness of make visitors test the national vocation to the Mortadella Bologna PGI. Several dates in the agenda: 24 different interpretations, by 8 chefs – from Bologna and the rest of Italy – who will propose everyday a menu composed by 6 different course that will tickle the senses of the public. A real tasting “challenge” with its own “arena” inside the open view kitchen.

Everyday DJ set, live music, games and interviews will entertain the square and its visitors. On the stage there will be also several tasting moments with guests and companies that will tell their products.

“Love is the centre of this edition of MortadellaBò. Not only love for the product, but for a whole city that, once again, will be the scenario for this kermesse rich of involving and tasting events” commented Corradino Marconi, President of the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna.