A new international project enriches I Love Italian Food‘s partnerships list.
This time the occasion arises from the creativity of Art in General, a New Yorker non-profit organization committed to supporting young artists in the production and the presentation of their works.
On Monday, April 13, Art in General will honor Carin Kuoni, Jaffery Larsen and the 10th anniversary of the New Commissions artists with a Spring Gala, that will be held at the Prince George Ballroom, in New York.
I Love Italian Food will contribute to the Gala by promoting the 100per100 Italian food abroad. The guests will be delighted by a 100per100 Italian food experience that will see lambrusco, provolone and aceto balsamico in the spotlights.
Once again, I Love Italian Food will be the spokesman of the Italian cuisine abroad, also thanks to the contribution of our partners Auricchio, Medici Ermete and Agricola Due Vittorie.