With over 13 million tons produced each year, pasta, the symbolic dish at the table, is one of the trademarks of Made in Italy all over the world.
The fact that its name is untranslatable and that for everyone it simply remains “pasta” makes it one of the best known and loved products by all the citizens of the world.

But who enjoys delicious pasta the most in the world? According to the Association of Italian Sweet and Pasta Industries, the first consumers are Italians, with an average of 26 kilos of pasta a year per person. Followed by the Germans, the French, the British, the Americans and the Japanese who, alone, absorb 61% of Italian exports, 995 million euros a year.

However, not all pasta lovers know that pasta represents a nutritional model, the basis of a balanced diet between health and substance, goodness and sustainability.

Us representatives of I Love Italian Food travel around the world to share the wonders of true Italian pasta. One of those places being a country who simply are in love with the Italian kitchen as much as Italians: Japan.

This past March 4, we shared our pasta with an audience of food professionals in Tokyo.

Thanks to our collaboration with a true ambassador of Italian food in Japan, Chef Stefano Fastro of the Ristorante Stefano, who shared the values of the origins, characteristics, nutrition and proper pairings.

Finally, to delight the participants of the masterclass, an exceptional plate of spaghetti accompanied by the flavors of the Mediterranean, was created using the pasta of our partner Pastificio Granoro from their line: Dedicato (dedicated), produced with 100% Apulian grain.

Watch the video below to discover how the Japanese love and appreciate our pasta!