Pastry flour, 16 oz
Eggs, 3
Sugar + 2 teaspoon for decoration, 6,5 Oz
Mais seed oil, 3,3 Oz
Lemon flavoured yogurt, 4,2 Oz
1 bag of baking powder for desserts
Grated skin of one lemon and one orange
Juice of a small orange
Juice of a mandarin
Orange liquor, 3 Tablespoons
Sliced almonds


Beat eggs and sugar till we have a spongy compound. Add the grated skin of lemon and orange, oilseed, yogurt while keeping beaten. Pour also the orange and mandarin juice. Add at the end flour and yeast with a sieve.
Once done we can put the compound in the mould covered in butter, then add sugar and sliced almonds.
We can cook the ring-shaped cake on the pot on the burner for about an hour or in the owen for 40 minutes at 180°C.

Thanks to: Pane, Burro e Alici