Little is known about the origins of Cappelletti, the first written evidences of their existence draws back from the early XIX century. The meat filling made Cappelletti “a dish for Sundays”, a treat to have only from time to time. In the original recipe, Cappelletti filling is made up of stew beef meat, Parmigiano Reggiano and spices. As time passed, other meat types were added, sometimes even ham is used. There are two hypothesis about the origin of Cappelletti name: according to the legendary one, Venus, Mars and Bacchus stopped in an Inn for the night. When Venus woke up, she called the chef as she was hungry. The sight of her naked body lying on the bed inspired the chef, who decided to use pasta dough to shape her belly bottom. The second version, more prosaically, holds that the name comes from “cappello” (hat), because Cappelletti shape recalls both the classic Medieval hat and the miter of grenadiers.