puff pastry, 1 roll
boiled broccoli, 10,6 oz
fresh pork sausage, 5,3 oz
grated cheese, 2 tbsp
sweet provolone, 2,8 oz


Boil broccoli according to your habits and remember: do not exaggere with salt (the sausage is usually already very tasty). Drain al dente and set aside. Extract only the meat inside the sausage, removing its “skin”. Heat a frying pan containing a little of oil and pour into the meat of the sausage. With a fork, mash it against the bottom of the pan; when it is fully colored, add the broccoli and mix well. Let the broccoli crumble for few minutes. Meanwhile coat a baking dish with the pastry still wrapped in its baking paper. I cut out the excess (the pastry was round and rectangular pan) and then use it as a gasket. When the broccoli and sausage are ready, turn off the heat and stir everything with grated cheese. Pour the preparation of broccoli and sausage inside the sheet and fold the outer edges. Cover with provolone cheese, cut into small pieces. Use any scraps of pastry to decorate the cake (I made a sort of pie). Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 20-25 minutes or until the pastry is golden and the cheese is completely melted.

Thanks to: Briciole di Mele