Eggs, 3
Grated cheese (goat cheese and/or parmigiano reggiano), 3,3 Oz
Bread-crumbs, 3,3 Oz
Parsley and Peppermint minced leaves (2 tbsp)
Garlic clove (minced)
Salt and pepper to taste
Milk if needed
Frying oil


• Mix the eggs, the minced garlic clove and the grated cheese using a fork. Then add the bread-crumbs, as much as you need to have a soft and lightly moist mixture, which holt the ball shape. If needed add more bread-crumbs. Finish adding the parsley and the mint leaves and add salt and pepper to taste.
• Note that the bread will soak up the eggs little by little, so let the mixture rest for a couple of minutes prior to shape the meatballs. If you note that the mixture is too much thick, add one or two tbsp of milk to let it become soft again.
• Shape the meatballs rolling a knob of mixture into your palms.
• Heat the frying oil in a large skillet (I suggest you to use olive oil, it is more healthy and will give a better taste to the meatballs). Fry meatballs in batches until they are golden or light brown.
You can serve them as they are or in a tomato sauce with spaghetti, of course!

Thanks to: Croce Delizia